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Concur – Travel & Expense Management

Concur® Travel & Expense, an integrated travel and expense solution saves organisations time and gives control spend during every step of the business traveller’s journey. The solution offers end to end processes in one system for the traveller before, during and after the trip.

The features are adaptable on the Web or on mobile devices:

With the Concur mobile app, your travel and expense needs are within your control. Concur can be by on-demand, cloud computing or software as a service (SaaS). As a subscription based service, Concur® is offered in real time over the Internet. That means it’s an access-anytime, pay-as-you-go while saving-you-lots-of-money and time Web and mobile solution.

To find out more about our experiences and success stories in being part of our clients’ implementation of Concur Travel and Expense, contact us at info@fscmgroup.com.

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